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Andreas Amrhein
Andreas Amrhein is a cosmopolitan storyteller par excellence. Born in Marburg in 1963, he grew up in Liberia/Western Africa, studied fine arts in Berlin, London, Malmö and Chicago, and became a Master under the painter and graphic artist Walter Stöhrer at the University of the Arts (then HdK) in Berlin. Employing his multi-layered, figurative pictorial vocabulary, Andreas Amrhein juxtaposes, with unconventional waywardness, elements appropriated from commercial culture an Source: https://cundkgalerie.de/en/artists/andreas-amrhein/

Nominierung für den Kunstpreis Wesseling für Malerei 2021
Bekanntgabe der Preisträger und Eröffnung der Ausstellung am 5. September im Kunstverein Wesseling bei Köln.

Einzelausstellung "THE FUTURE IS OURS"
Arbeiten auf Papier vom 13.8.2021 – 15.9.2021  Künstlergespräch am Sonntag, den 12. September um 11 Uhr 21.06 GALERIE RAVENSBURG Marktstrasse 59 88212 Ravensburg

Bella's Chair
• Acryl, Farbradierung auf Bütten/acrylic • 1993/2021 • 70 x 100 cm https://cundkgalerie.de

The No-No Squirrel
• Acryl, Radierung auf Bütten/acrylic • 1993/2020 • 70 x 100 cm https://cundkgalerie.de

Cherokee Gate Miracle
• übermalte Radierung • Acryl, Bütten • 2020 • 70 x 100 cm http://galerie2106.de

The future is ours
• Acryl auf Bütten • 2019 • 70 x 100cm http://galerie2106.de

Galerie CundK
Galerie CundK is the artist's current gallery in Berlin. https://cundkgalerie.de/en/artists/andreas-amrhein/

Andreas Amrhein - SUBURBIA
2012 SUBURBIA @Galerie Borchardt

How Andreas' images come to life
Gestural brushstrokes alternate with delicate contours—watery planes and sketchy drawing with carefully detailed painting. Text elements have remained an important component of his compositions. Andreas Amrhein plays with language and contrives allusive titles that demand the adoption of new perspectives. Composition and intuition determine the forms and colours of his anachronistic pictorial worlds. https://cundkgalerie.de

Other activities
Andreas is also a lecturer and instructor at Akademie für Malerei Berlin https://a-f-m-b.de

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